Excellence is Not Negotiable | Learn Why

Excellence is not negotiable nor is it an added value…It is a necessary component.(c)

Whether we are talking about excellence as it pertains to business or our personal lives, excellence is not negotiable.  In this world where mediocrity seems to be the norm, it is imperative that we take a stand to be the best, to do our best…to shine!

When I think of the components of excellence, the first thing that I think about is integrity. Doing the right thing all of the time, even when no one is watching…being honest at all cost. This must be our highest priority. We must be curious and always search for the RIGHT answer. Excellence and integrity go hand in hand, and unfortunately, both are in short supply. When you run your business and live with integrity, you will always follow through on your commitments. We must never over promise and under deliver. When you operate with integrity, you never have to look over your shoulder. Others know that what you tell them is true and they know that there are no hidden agendas. This builds trust, and when others trust your business and you as a person, you will build loyalty and in turn, this will grow your network, which will in turn add to your net worth.

Let’s talk about self-improvement.  We cannot remain stagnant if we want to grow.  Settling for the status quo is never the answer.  Settling means that we do not believe in our abilities or ourselves.  Settling means that we either lack a sense of purpose, or that we forgot what our purpose is.  We can improve upon ourselves in many ways; through continuing education, getting a mentor, someone who has been where you want to go and can show you the right way to get there, by joining a group of like minded people who you can look up to and who are positive and encouraging about our goals and successes.  Remember, self-improvement means that we care about ourselves and our clients to only give the very best.

When we live a life in excellence, we want to bring those who may need a helping hand along the way.  We don’t have to always give monetarily; we can give of our time and our talents.  We can simply share our knowledge by being mentors, tutors, and if we own our own business, or are a leader in a business, we can open that business up to interns.  We should always remember how we started, and we should be mindful that our younger generations are our future leaders. By giving back, we are not only sowing into those persons, but we are sowing into whole communities.

I encourage you to become distinctive in your fields of endeavor.  Allow integrity to be a way of life, let self-improvement cast away all doubt concerning your purpose, and give back knowing that the lives that you touch will positively affect the future for all of us.  Remember, Excellence is never negotiable.  ~Rita Fasina-Thomas