Operations Management

We’ve got your back. Do what you do and leave the rest to us.

Distinctive Operations was founded with the goal of providing small businesses with the resources that were difficult to find or seemingly out of budgetary reach: the ability to have an outsourced management team to take care of all of the tasks that aren’t directly related to delivering products, and making sure the company is moving forward.  Product (service) management, business development – including marketing, sales and business model design, finance and human resources all fall under the of Operations Management – so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

For example – what complimentary products could be added to your current offerings that could add a 20% revenue increase to your bottom line? Innovation in product development, service delivery, marketing, sales, the customer value chain or the business model could easily be the solution you are looking for.

Rita and her team are available for short and long-term operationals management appointments, offering you immediate results that will build your business.