Make the decision to achieve your company profitablity and growth goals.

Not everyone is gifted at operations. Distinctive Operations consultants are the partners needed to take an organization to the next level. We offer both consulting and short or long-term operations placement.

  • Operations Strategy and Transformation: How can the business operating model be turbocharged? Business growth and profitability goals drive our work with a company. Looking at a variety of key areas, including customers, processes, technology, information, structure and people, the consultants at Distinctive Operations gain insight. Practical, real-world solutions and innovations are found and implemented.
  • Service Operations: The customer experience is king. No matter what the industry, the desired customer experience can make or break a company. Customer interface, customer engagement, service delivery and back office operations are evaluated and integrated to drive true loyalty, referral and growth.
  • Procurement and Sourcing: How a company procures its services and goods, manages its vendors and service contracts, and mitigates its risk significantly impacts is financial health. Call on Distinctive Operations to find innovative answers to your toughest challenges.