We’ll help you navigate the social media minefield.

Not having a social  media policy and neglecting to educate your employees on social media best practices puts your hard-earned business at risk. Every day we see examples of social media gone wrong, disgruntled former (or current) employees lashing out or unhappy customers sharing their discontent on every social network. While social media is uniquely qualified to grow your business, it’s also uniquely positioned to cost you business if you are not ready for a crisis.

This is an emerging and fluid field, but we’ve got you covered. Our policy and procedure experts follow the latest in social media rulings and our own advisory board consists of exceptional social media marketers who provide deep insight into how social media is being used, best practices and how it affects YOUR policies, procedures and operations.

Don’t wait until a crisis presents itself and your business is risk. Contact us today for a no-obligation review of your current employee social media policies.